Advisory Committee

  • Mental Health Strategy Lead(s)
    • Student Mental Health Network
    • Mental Health Roundtable
  • Education and Training Working Group
    • Partners: CMHA, Hamilton and Humber College
  • Mental Health Protocols Working Group
    • Internal Partners: SWC, Security SAS, Housing, Conduct
  • Accommodation Policy Review Working Group
    • Policy review and guidelines
  • Faculty of Health Science Research Collaborations
    • Arrive and Thrive, Student Survey

Student Mental Health Network to be established.

Advisory Commitee

Role Name Position
Chair Sean Van Koughnett Associate Vice-President (Students & Learning) and Dean of Students
Advisor Dr. Catharine Munn Faculty Member of Health Science; Lead Psychiatrist, Student Wellness Centre
Advisor Allison Drew-Hassling Co-lead of the Student Mental Health Strategy
Member David Wilkinson Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
Member Dr. John Kelton Dean and Vice-President, Faculty of Health Sciences
Member Dr. Nick Kates Chair of Psychiatry
Member Susan Searls-Giroux Associate Vice-President Faculty
Member Rosanne Kent Director, Student Wellness Centre
Member Jane Aronson Chair of the President’s Advisory Council on Building an Inclusive Community (PACBIC), Professor of Social Work
Member Rodrigo Perez McMaster Student’s Union, Vice-President Education
Member Rachel Kelly Graduate Students Union, Vice-President Services
Member Mariette Lee External, Youth Engagement Coordinator, Mood Disorders Society of Canada (former President of MSU’s Cope)

Mental Health Round Table

Role Name Position
Co-Chair Dr. Catharine Munn Health Science Faculty Member; Lead Psychiatrist, Student Wellness Centre
Co-Chair Allison Drew‑Hassling Co-lead of the Student Mental Health Strategy
Member Rosanne Kent Director, Student Wellness Centre
Member Debbie Nifakis Associate Director, Counselling
Member Dr. Jan Young Associate Director, Medical
Member Melissa Fernandes Student Wellness Education
Member Deb Earl Mental Health Team Nurse
Member Kevin Beatty Director, Housing & Conference Services
Member Tim Nolan Director, Student Accommodation Services
Member Henriette Silman Disability Specialist
Member Carolyn Brendon Ombudsperson, Ombuds Office
Member Carol Wood Chaplains Office
Academic Advisor Suzanne Hunt Faculty of Social Science
Academic Advisor Jackie Osterman Faculty of Humanities